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All the tracks on this page are complete songs for you to download and enjoy. You can even make your own compilation CD to listen to at home or on the move - even give as gifts. It's your choice.

You can either click a song to listen now, or right click and 'save target as', to download it into your computer for future use. Please be aware that these files are reduced to small MP3 files for speed of download. If you'd prefer to hear them as they were intended to sound, you are welcome to purchase your choice(s) of CD's from the albums page. Once your payments (made via PayPal) are complete you will recieve your purchases via email or direct download.

"That Lovely Song".. an original recording. > > >

(..not yet available to download free of charge).

Ave Maria (2.58MB)

One night in Bangkok (3.44MB)

Can't get you out of my head (2.56MB)

Hot Stuff (2.58MB)

Scarborough Fair (3.63MB)

Notte de Luche (Nights in white satin) (2.78MB)

Hello (2.69MB)

Tainted Love (1.77MB)

O Sole Mio (2.33MB)

Sabor a Mi (2.15MB)

Caruso (3.52MB


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