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Time: March 09, 2011 - 06:11 PM
Name: Ellen Anita Bjareng

Happy birthday, dahling! Hope you have a wonderful sunny birthday :-D

Just wanted to tell you what my friend said, we were having lunch at my place and listening to your cd “chances are…”. My friend said “who is that?” I answered. And she said “he has a wonderful Broadway voice! The voice is whole and has the same core at the top as in the lower register”. Then she listened at bit more. And said “What the hell is he doing on Gran Canaria, singing in different restaurants?! It’s a shame to hide a voice like that! He would have a great career on stage in Germany!” And her comment to Bring him home was “this is perfect for his voice, so beautiful”.

The point is: my friend is just not another opera listener, she is an opera journalist, writing for both Scandinavian and British opera magazines and Spanish Opera actuale. She travels around the world to write about opera, meeting all the hot opera stars. So she knows, better than most people, what she is talking about!

Hope you have a really big smile on your face now. And go on having a lovely birthday, my dear David. Love you a lot!

Kyss og klem.


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