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Time: April 12, 2009 - 01:30 AM
Name: orjan y Gry

Helloe again Gary and David.
Well - here we are again - but this time we sit in our sofa back in Norway. First -
sorry for the bad english but i hope you can \\\"look trough\\\" the grammar etc...
We miss the nice dinners - the warm sunny lacy days - and not to forget your good
singing that gave us such good times there by the pool at Rossini and in Mogan(on
the centre)And thankyou for the good conversations :-)
We easy find your website and have been looking at a lot of pictures - a lot of
history in those ! Her in Norway the spring has arrived - little bit warmer(means up
to +14 degrees daytime and down to +2 in nighttime. The snow is melting and in one
month we \\\"expect\\\" the summer to arrive (kind of...)But we miss the Gran
Canarian climat SO much - the life down there is absolutely much better for us
stiff-frozen scandinavians...probably we will arrive \\\"your\\\" island again in
late autumn(oct-nov). Pleas let us stay in touch \\\"inbetween\\\". Best regards and
hugs from Gry and �rjan

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